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Max Headroom


About Us


 sektor 6 kommunikations is an "artivist" network [founded in 1989] that works to empower people within the arts and activist communities. By having a network collaborative that can execute a wide variety of functions, we offer support to artists, community organizations, journalists, politicians and more.

We began with Tony Triarsi and Darryl Hell producing experimental electronik music nights [originally "Sector 6"] on the New Jersey Shore in Asbury Park @ the Deck House. Our first production was March 1st, 1989. As we grew, our goals became more about generating community and applying our collective skills in ways that would educate people about non-traditional art forms as well as, hopefully, entertain. In 1998, we evolved into more of a socially-minded organization.

After the events of 2001, which we personally endured being based in New York City, we realized a renewed responsibility to educate and advocate. That is the sektor 6 kommunikations you are experiencing today. We help people and organizations rethink how they see the arts, entertainment, societal information, and social responsibility.

We provide a robust archive of exclusive and/or shared social/political writings, research, hyperlink libraries, and documentation. This is to help you go behind and beyond the surface information to discuss and create a document-based analysis toward problem solving without deification or vilification. Our archive of exclusive and shared arts media [video/audio/text] is quite extensive. In addition, we also do direct social actions to affect change on-the-ground in the analog world. It has always been our intention to show, by example, what is possible on a small budget if proper strategy is employed. Thankfully, that has also inspired others to do the work of creating a better society...and not only discuss the problems.

We believe it is the responsibility of global citizens, and artists in particular, to pay close attention to the world around us, seek the truth as it can be ascertained and not as we would want it to be, and then speak up...without pretense...without fear...with the vision of affecting change toward a more humane and compassionate world.

 We have added Google Ads to the site as an additional resource. There are times when it supplies excellent link resources...and then there are times when it doesn't work so well. We hope you find it useful.

 "I do not go back to America to sit still, remain quiet, and enjoy ease and comfort. . . . I glory in the conflict, that I may hereafter exult in the victory. I know that victory is certain. I go, turning my back upon the ease, comfort, and respectability which I might maintain even here. . . Still, I will go back, for the sake of my brethren. I go to suffer with them; to toil with them; to endure insult with them; to undergo outrage with them; to lift up my voice in their behalf; to speak and write in their vindication; and struggle in their ranks for the emancipation which shall yet be achieved." ----FAREWELL TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE, March 30, 1847
[Frederick Douglass] formerly-enslaved U.S. Black lecturer, liberation fighter, writer

"It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time activist, if you are able to construct that kind of life – it’s not an easy life. It doesn’t matter if you decide on activism in which you donate whatever a week – to something you really care about. Or, if one hour a week is too overwhelming to your schedule, one hour a month. Imagine if everybody of good will gave one hour a month to some issue they really cared about, the world would begin to be really transformed...

If there is something you really care about there is no longer an excuse, “I don’t know who does it.” Google it. …but get off your ass and do it….I honestly don’t care that you care. I only care what you do to make a difference.

If we are going to make this radically changing planet secure, we have to think of the fundamental security of all.

Inner peace is not global security. I think we really need to start to think about what we’re talking about when we say, ‘peace.' If I meditate and I’m serene, I’m serene. Peace is a big thing in the planet and it is not just the absence of armed conflict. Peace is socio-economic justice, gender equality, a world where people live with freedom from fear, and freedom from want. Peace is not for wimps – peace is the Nelson Mandelas, it’s the Aung Sun Suu Kyis, it’s all of us who work every day to make the world just. So let’s reclaim peace. I am sick of being called a wimp, because I believe in peace.

We say, “we” – I think in “we” – I don’t think in “I”. Except occasionally, when it’s all about me. [laughs] We, we, we.
[Jody Williams] 10th woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. She received the award for her work to ban antipersonnel landmines.


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