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Digital Disturbance
DJ Darryl Hell
Killing The Joke: The John Bechdel Story
Machine Age Madness
DJ Zvetschka
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Sonik Slam
Vicky Virgin
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How Do You Know: 9/11/01?
The Orwell Doctrine
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Abstinence "Delusions of Architecture"
produced by s6k Arts / s6k Entertainment

in association with Voidstar Prods
out now on

NOTE: Abstinence "DoA" is only available in digital download. The physical copy is no longer available.

DVD/CD in a metal case or our BOX SET that
contains a large amount of special declassified Abstinence media
[it was released on 2/6/2013, the 21st anniversary of Abstinence performing "Multiple Cross Wounds" at the Palladium, NYC in February 6, 1992]

Abstinence's new release "Delusions of Architecture" features 2-disks (DVD & CD) in an aluminum case
(The DVD & CD both have unique material = The CD includes a John Bechdel remix of "Stratum," and vintage unreleased Abstinence tracks. The DVD also includes unreleased Abstinence video and interviews from the s6k archive.)

The BOX SET contains: 2-disks (DVD & CD) in an aluminum case, 8.5" x 14" printed artwork, a thumbdrive with hours of Abstinence media including Level 7--our 1st studio recording, all inside a special "DECLASSIFIED" case to celebrate our 27th anniversary of being a band and our 25th anniversary of our first studio recording, "Level 7." [FYI - The 1st 28 BOX SETS are numbered and have special contents]


The Back Your Knife Forgot
If You Aren’t Angry - You Aren’t Paying Attention
Art Crash
Shadows of the Octopus
Global Oligarchy Rising
Stratum [John Bechdel Remix]
Screaming into the Void v3
Judgement Day
Destruction of an Empire
The Calling
Pragmatic Approaches
Wearing Injustice
Applied Cognition Tactics
Trapped in the Land of the Free [1992]
Disorder [1991]


The Back Your Knife Forgot
Art Crash
Shadows of the Octopus
Global Oligarchy Rising
Screaming into the Void v3
Judgement Day
The Calling
Pragmatic Approaches
Wearing Injustice
Applied Cognition Tactics



+ "It's so cool to see the different sound sources activate in the different screens as they begin to play a role in the music. The concept and the care with which this is put together are both impressive." Pamela W
+ "Got the box set yesterday - awesome!" Michael C
+ "here is the Abstinence website..I received their box set in the mail the other day..and it blew me away..with a nice multi media dvd that you can check out some of the videos on their fb page..the box set that I ordered from their website includes the dvd a cd and a lot of artwork and a really fancy flash drive full of all of their songs from the past and some nice pics..and the box set even had a really nice box..I'm not kidding the box Rocked !!!!!!!!
that flash drive was heavy duty !!!! The Whole thing was an experience to open up. And a wonderful thing to have around. Even the envelope was industrial strength.  the video footage from your past made me think that the people who have seen you play throughout the years are very very lucky." Greg N.
+ "You can't believe you are seeing what you're hearing." Morris J
+ "Industrial done right." Thomas O'C


+ "F@#king awesome. What more can I say." Maitri [Christian Death]
+ "Beyond brilliant show" Sean Templar [MTV Networks, The Red Party, NYC]


+ Alternative Press (12/95, p.88) - "...very intricate while maintaining its dance beat throughout. The vocalist's snarled vocals are comprehensible, and the band also makes good use of sampled voice, many with sociopolitical themes. Instrumentally, most songs feature a creative use of sound in anarchy, with multiple tempos and rhythmic lines..."


Delusions of Architecture [DoA] is an analytical exploration of the way people fail to understand the control structures of the societies, companies, organizations, religions, and communities they hold dear. DoA embraces Abstinence's experimental industrial roots by creating an organic industrial style of composition while using new tools and concepts.

The video is not lip-syncing over the recorded track. Everything you see was actually recorded at that time, including the vocals, which you see being recorded. The objective was to present the most raw version of us creating the performance.

Opening with an introduction of grainy raw footage of Hell & Deftly discussing the the global surveillance apparatus, partially redacted by the International Intelligence Unit, the scene is set for the primary theme of DoA. Once they realize they are not just talking about the plight of others, but themselves, it all becomes hyper-real. The first track "The Back Your Knife Forgot" takes on a third person perspective to examine the many ways we are psychologically betrayed, not by others, but by ourselves. The tracks "If You Aren't Angry - You Aren't Paying Attention," "Art Crash," and "Pragmatic Approaches" explore the offensive tactical actions available to those perceived as powerless. The three tracks are also the closest to the energy Abstinence put forth in the early 1990's on their Multiple Cross Wounds performance. "Global Oligarchy Rising," "ThoughtSLAM," and "Screaming into the Void V3" are pounding examples of how industrial music, driven by the original essence that brought Abstinence into the industrial art/music movement in the mid 1980's, isn't retro, but are applicable to the fury and creative tools of now. "Shadows of the Octopus" and "The Calling" are dripping with funky beats, aggressive keyboards and endless soundscapes that would make Jack Dangers and Chuck D tap their feet. "Judgement Day" brings the raw aggression of the track "Abstinence" [that was on Level 7 in 1987] into the future. "Wearing Injustice" and "Applied Cognition Tactics" bring together the sounds found on the Revolt of the Cyberchrist and Theorem cd releases of the mid 1990's on Furnace Records.

The entirety of DoA shows how Abstinence's punk rock social roots rip through every track, reminding all that social movements are made by those who decide they are going to be the heaviest snowflakes possible to break a branch on the tree of empire and oppression. Get heavy.

One of our trademarks was to record our own sample archive, which brings the environments we record within into the essence of the music. Hell also wanted to create a new compositional style for the project and designed the experiment that had the project recording video samples of studio sessions at HELLlab Brooklyn, bridges, metal scrap yards, an airport, auto repair shops, industrial/factory locations, and other environments throughout the north-eastern corridor of the US, recorded specifically for this project throughout 2011 and 2012. The video is in a quadrant format that will make each viewing a unique experience. In addition, the cd version has additional songs that are not on the dvd.

DoA also features exclusive samples and interviews with people like F.M. Einheit [Einstürzende Neubauten], Harry Allen [Public Enemy Media Assassin], Ann Wright [3rd highest person in the US State Dept. to resign because of the lead up to the Iraq War], Michael Ruppert  [investigative reporter and LAPD whistleblower], Cynthia McKinney [former US Congresswoman], Joel Dreyfus [former editor of The Root, Red Herring, PC Magazine, Fortune], Dr. Laura Crary [professor of art history], and Rev. David Dyson [legendary organizer who trained with Cesar Chavez] to name a few. Additionally, there is exclusive s6k footage from the original location of Occupy Wall Street.

Check out choice interviews/discussions from our s6k Media Archive [click here]


video / audio editing & mixing @ HELLlab, Brooklyn, NY
audio mastering @ Mindswerve Studio, NYC
cover and background artwork = Rachel Maloney
layout and packaging design = Darryl Hell
music written and performed = Abstinence
project concept and design = Darryl Hell
guest musical appearances by:
Dr. Laura J Crary [art/culture commentary] Joel Dreyfus [upright bass/piano] and Kid Lucky [beatboxer]
We'd also like to thank body painter Fred Hatt and model Tara Leigh for their work that
appears on the video for "Screaming into the Void V3


 a Third Wave Production ©2005   |contact us