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Humble Freestyle Park Project


                The Humble Freestyle Park Project in Jamaica, Queens, NY

Purpose Lounge, Humble Inc., AdT Bike &Skate, and Bellitte's Bicycles are currently developing a recreational project to make the first Freestyle Park in Jamaica a reality. Its goals are to facilitate the action sports enthusiasts of the Greater Jamaica region and reduce the many legal and social problems caused by the lack of having sanctioned areas for this population to engage and congregate.

Though our project is focused on Jamaica, Queens, NY, we are partnered with a number of action sports enthusiasts around the United States who are dedicated to providing safe, legal places for healthy sports activities.

PROJECT UPDATE [update mark: 10/19/2013]
Hi All,
it's been a while since I've posted here. In full candor, I was quite upset about how things went with this project. Though the ADT and Bellitte's were and are AMAZING for their support, our political connections all failed the project, and especially, the riders.

I was so psyched when we had our meet-ups, I was hoping our political connections would also match that energy. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Our schedule abruptly ended when our main political contact dropped off of the map and left us waiting. Well, just like in my BMX past, I'm not waiting for anyone...anymore.

Here's the new strategy:
Since there are a number of problems with NYC's park building process, I feel that is the weak point that can enable us to have real parks built. Spohn Ranch, a world-class park designer/builder, even had to put a disclaimer for the Canarsie Park because of the poor build of the park they designed. [see their disclaimer]

We will aim at changing the process so any park built will be built by a builder with the skill to build parks and not just be able to pour concrete. We are talking to Spohn Ranch now to get the particulars about what went wrong from their perspective and what should be done to improve the process.

We also thank ADT and Bellitte's for their dedication to the riders and the sport. They should have [y]our endless support as they have support the movement for generations.

FYI- We will not be doing any more meet-up's until we can celebrate our first park built under our new system, which will probably be in a couple of be patient--but determined to get what we should have and require.

In peace and service,
Darryl Montgomery [founder and lead strategist of Jamaica Freestyling]

In Jamaica, Queens, there has been a need for a safe and legal place for skateboarders, skaters, BMX riders, scooter freestylers, and in-line skaters to ride because there are no parks in the vicinity. Without designated places for them to practice their sports, public sidewalks & plazas, vacant streets, parking lots and the like have become the only places for them to congregate. Far too often this translates into people being forced to pay fines for violations such as “trespassing” that often carry monetary penalties that teenagers, young adults, or their parents/guardians might not be able to pay, which can result in eventual arrest. A reoccurring cycle of this can easily become a way where people, especially riders over the age of eighteen, have legal violations on their permanent record. This can hamper them in the future for various opportunities as if they had been engaging in nefarious behavior instead of engaging in a healthy activity no different than playing baseball. By supplying a location for riders to exercise their talents, riders will finally have a safe haven in their own community.

We are also working diligently to create a situation that will enable our project to have a permanent home. Our goal is that it will be free and open to the public in the same way public basketball courts are. In addition, it will be available to all action sports riders, so skateboarders,
bmx freestylers, scooter freestylers, and inline skates will all be welcome.

The Better Jamaica Foundation, The Jamaica Development Corporation, Purpose Lounge, the NYC Parks Department, OG Surf & Skate, Kristy Nguyen (Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity), Steve Herring (legendary skateboarder and developer of the famous Fort Monmouth Ramp in NJ), Vicky Virgin from New York City Planning, and District Manager of CB12 Yvonne Reddick are some of the people and entities helping to bring this project to fruition.

Please contact us
if you are interested in supporting our project.
Project coordinators: Darryl Montgomery, Humble Inc.
[phone] 917-723-7281


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