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Up-to-date on s6k


Getting up-to-date with what s6k and our network are doing is easy.
...check us out...see how you can get involved.

We've been quite lucky and amazed to be able to work with so many people and organizations. They have helped us bring our visions to fruition and we are extremely grateful. The projects are seemingly varied, but the coalesce perfectly from our perspective.

  s6k Media has relaunched the Kim Cascone founded record label, FURNACE RECORDS on the 25th anniversary of the first s6k event.
click here for FURNACE RECORDS webpage

Our PL in the Classroom has reached a new milestone. Purpose Lounge has partnered with the Sportz Farm Foundation in Asbury Park, NJ. As we expand our reach, we are proud to with the region where our community development work began. The 2014 Fall school season will begin our first full year with them. Throughout Summer 2014 we'll be working with them on an advisory role to help them enhance their technical infrastructure.

  Purpose Lounge, Humble Inc., AdT Bike and Skate, Bellitte Bicycles, The Better Jamaica Foundation, Yvonne Reddick/District Manager of Community Board 12, and the NYC Parks Dept. worked on a recreational project to make the first Freestyle Park in Jamaica a reality. Its goals are to facilitate the action sports enthusiasts of the Greater Jamaica region and reduce the many legal and social problems caused by the lack of having sanctioned areas for this population to engage and congregate. This is an ongoing initiative that we hope to realize within the next decade.

Though our project is focused on Jamaica, Queens, NY, we are partnered with a number of action sports enthusiasts around the United States who are dedicated to providing safe, legal places for healthy sports activities. click here for more info

Our educational arm, Purpose Lounge, has had an incredible amount of success in helping to empower people. We were also the 2012 recipient, along with the NY Times, of the Queens Satellite High School for Opportunity's "Foundations for Success" Award. In addition, we awarded our first Purpose Lounge Award for Excellence. [click here for more information]

Purpose Lounge is collaborating with Cannon Hersey to create a new educational initiative. We executed our first student workshop for 110 14 year old students from the Bronx Prep Middle School. The workshop worked well and the students learned more about how art is used to nurture and generate community. Stay tuned...

In 2012, s6k's Media Services department worked with the law firm, Elston & Associates, on the Officer Regina Tasca case in New Jersey that helped provide vital information. We are working to keep her on the police force because she represents the highest honor by breaking the "blue wall of silence" and putting her own job on the line to do what is right and just. Click here to learn more about the story.

Our Purpose Lounge project gave a presentation at The Greater Allen AME Cathedral of NY. PL founder Darryl Hell and PL mentor trainers Josh Baldwin and Joel Robinson spoke.

Click here for complete information for our Purpose Lounge Empowerment Workshops

We are also happy to announce that we are currently developing a documentary about the Purpose Lounge project.
s6k Media is in the process of editing a documentary about the Reverend David Dyson, who retired in 2012 from the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. He has a fascinating history and the people he's been blessed to work with is a who's who of the arts, educational, social and political world. We will be screening it in 2013 at the church he called his sanctuary for years. Stay tuned...

On the 80th birthday [observed] of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. we launched the answer to age-old question asked when people discuss the problems of the day; "What can I do?" We turn that philosophy on it's head and say What WE Can Do. Here we give you a pragmatic tactical vision of how to be more positively minded citizens.

s6k Media has expanded the structure of its Internet podcast Impact Arena RAID-io to be a periodical media archive with many hours of music and interviews in audio, video and text formats.

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