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The Purpose Lounge is the latest effort of sektor 6 kommunikations & BreakThrough Technologies, which is
an artistically framed dialog between artists and concerned citizens about the issues of the day with the goal of establishing a greater sense of societal ownership and involvement. In addition to our creative artistic focus, we enable and motivate people to use their skills to help others in the form of mentor training.

On February 6, 2013, Abstinence released its first full feature release since 1995. Delusions of Architecture is an experimental industrial thrill ride that exhibits the raw roots energy of the industrial genre with the tools and vision of 2013. Although the project is celebrating 28 years of creating experimental industrial music and art, this is not "retro vision" from "old industrialists." prepared.

Impact Arena RAID-io is a periodical archive of music and interviews in audio/video formats that connects the various subcultures of entertainment and society. Our global perspective and veteran producers give a unique insight to entertain as well as inform the long-time enthusiast in addition to the young person just learning there is musical art beyond the mainstream.

Our What We Can Do page provides easy steps to have people engage more effectively and meaningfully with their community. In these days, many find themselves paralyzed by the enormity of the many issues of life. What We Can Do is the cure for for that paralysis.

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