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We are a full service media network that provides a wide spectrum of services

Contact us to see how we can work with you to realize your vision.

Darryl Montgomery [Founder & Chief Strategist]
[email]    [phone] 917-723-7281

Tyrone Thomas [Senior Technology Director]
[email]   [phone] 917-450-4358

Services Provided by s6k Media and Breakthrough Technologies
- Strategic Consultation for Media, Production, Organizations and Business
- Web Application Design and Development
- Education-though-Art/Culture Program & Curriculum Development
- Database Design and Development
- Event Management
- Video and Audio Production
- Website Hosting and Maintenance
- Promotional Campaign Strategic Development
- Technology Consulting
- Content Development/Creation
- Identity Design/Branding
- Storyboarding and Prototyping

Our Technological and Strategic Approach
We are not tied to one particular way of doing things. Our technology team will spend time communicating with members of your organization to determine your needs and plan the most appropriate and effective solution. We will then collaborate with you as we create the unique online applications that will integrate with your business processes and systems infrastructures.

We offer a range of proprietary solutions that allow clients to choose from standardized, low cost applications to more complex, highly customized systems. These applications allow us to quickly and efficiently develop secure, flexible, effective solutions across a wide range of networking and telecommunications environments. But we never forget that the production methodology must be suited exactly to the client's content and goals to get maximum benefit from the interactive medium.

Services via s6k Media
We supply our clients with a broad spectrum of media production solutions and consultation services

- Video Virtual Facility Tours [see link for example]
- Soundtrack Composition & Audio Production
- Documentaries
- Video Production [documentaries, music videos, funding/In-house promotional videos
, Independent artistic video productions]
- Organizational Structure Analysis
- Social Media Strategies and Content Creation
- Resource Maximization Analysis and Implementation
- Educational Curriculum Development for Schools and Community Programs
- Event Production Development Management
- Strategic Promotional Campaign Development and Implementation
- Hybrid Strategies for Real World and Internet Branding and Promotions
- Strategic Alliance Development Consultation and Implementation
Computer Programming Capabilities via Breakthrough Technologies
Our capabilities encompass multiple system architectures, programming languages, broadband technologies, digital media applications, and communications networks utilizing Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies.

- Server side programming: Cold Fusion, Perl
- Database planning and implementation: SQL, Access
- Design software: HTML, DHTML, XML, Java, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, After Effects
- Database Design - separate content from presentation
- Dynamic website content and adminstration

We also give our clients new interactive experiences through the use of broadband technologies. Digital encode audio video files for broadcast and exposure over the internet. We can encode the files in the following formats: Quicktime, Real, Windows Media and/or AVI and MPEG. Hosting on our servers, we encode from audio masters (CD, DAT, etc) into mainstream compressed digital formats such as MP3, Windows Media, Real Audio and more. We provide hosting on our servers to store your streaming and downloadable audio and video files.
Website and Media Hosting via Breakthrough Technologies

Our network specializes in hosting websites and rich streaming media for artists, technophiles, not-for-profit and small organizations who want an alternative to expensive, faceless corporate hosting solutions.

We make it easy for you to get your website up and running. We can help you get website hosting in place, get you a domain name, set up your email client and provide you with email accounts. We will even help maintain the site once it is on our servers.

- Mass Encoding
- Video Conferencing
- Podcasting
- Webcasting


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