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Burning the Closet

Candidate for NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is a NO GO
August 31st, 2009
New York City
Letter to the editor:


Candidate for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is a NO GO


Mr. de Blasio is the chair of the General Welfare committee in New York City and is in charge of the Public Assistance programs such as WeCare and Goodwill. 

It was a very unfortunate experience for me that I was on public assistance for about 2 years after 9/11 and learned much about how the General Welfare committee, chaired by Mr. Bill de Blasio runs its programs. While I was in the program, I experienced humiliation and mental abuse on a regular basis to the point where I was hospitalized at the Elmhurst Mental clinic in Queens over night; as a result I have now long term mental health problems. I am not the ONLY one talking to my therapists, psychologist and legal aid.

I have written letters to Mr. de Blasio during that time, other General Welfare committee members and spoke to his legal advisor on a regular basis. I was told by the legal advisor that the General Welfare committee headed by Mr. de Blasio is aware of the human rights violations and abuse in the public assistance programs and to this date has done nothing about it. I never received a letter back from him, but other committee members gave me the classic government run-a-around.

I have many documents and audio recordings to prove it.

Today I received an email from the Stonewall Democrats endorsing Bill de Blasio for the Public Advocate position in New York City. A person with a long human rights violation history to his record is supported by an organization that seems to gain from this endorsement rather than move politicians like him out of office. It’s time to clean the house by removing Bill de Blasio from that bill and change the Stonewall Democrats LGBT political leadership.

Somebody has to speak up, please remove Bill de Blasio from office.

We the people, are speaking up,
W. D. Bush
Astoria, NY



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