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What's Happening Right Now


Our Bed-Stuy Community Coalition project "Hancock Community Backyard Garden," partnered with the Hancock T&T Block Association, has a number of amazing community partners. After a 16 month renovation, the garden will officially open April 4th, 2016.

The Purpose Lounge Empowerment Program is designed to address the issues of personal development and social/media literacy through historical civics, and non-ownership complex. This is done by augmenting in school / after school curricula in addition to producing and implementing community betterment initiatives. The program has been a wonderful success and we are currently expanding to provide long-distance learning and education. Jan 12, 2016, 7pm, will see the launch of our Bed-Stuy Strategy Lounge project. On the 2nd Tuesday of every month the event will be at Bailey's Cafe 324 Malcolm X Blvd., Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

In June 2012, we were bestowed the honor of being given their "Foundations for Success Award." They give two per year. One went to the Mike Connors of the New York Times and the other to our program.

s6k Media has relaunched the Kim Cascone founded record label, FURNACE RECORDS on the 25th anniversary of the first s6k event.
click here for FURNACE RECORDS

s6k founder Darryl Hell is collaborating with long-time friend Evan Michelson [owner of Obscura & star of the Science Channel show "Oddities"] on a music/art project called Machine Age Madness. The Machine Age Madness [MAM] project is designed to be an industrial music culture [circa 1976 - 1988] lecture and performance series. Launched May 11, 2013 at the Steampunk Festival, Waltham, MA, the objective of MAM is to give presentations in educational institutions and music/art events to give examples, and most importantly, have discussions about the impact industrial music and culture has had on pop culture writ large.

The project will also release a full length effort in 2016. Stay tuned.

s6k has returned to the team of the Internationally acclaimed, award winning documentary, "How Do I Look." We were part of the original team that conceived, filmed and edited the documentary. Now, we are joining forces to assist in Art From the Heart productions, the parent organization, moving to the next phase. For decades, the legends and icons from the "Ball" community have influenced the biggest stars in pop culture, most notably Madonna, and have been setting trends in fashion, dance, music, and on the runway, yet most people are unaware that this community originated of the dance and style popularly known as “Vogueing."

Our PL in the Classroom has reached a new milestone. Purpose Lounge has partnered with the Sportz Farm Foundation in Asbury Park, NJ. As we expand our reach, we are proud to go back to the region where our community development work began.

s6k Media has created a  virtual site visit / virtual tech tour for Stage Left Studios founded by Cheryl King. Originally developed for the Jamaica Performing Arts Center, this concept is designed to greatly minimize the time allocated to showing prospective renters the venue. In addition, it presents the venue to the extent that most prospective renters will be able to access whether the physical venue would facilitate their need. We are thrilled because this facility has a reputation for quality and greatly concerning itself with the needs of its renters. Ms. King's focus on quality has propelled her facility into a go-to place with a very loyal client base.

Check out DJ Darryl Hell video remix series entitled "The Prophets of Doom." You can view the first video in the series as well as a live DJ mix, hear his Soundcloud tracks and get DJ Hell information. go to page

s6k proudly supports [or has supported]
choreographer/dancer/performance artist Vicky Virgin, musician, community organizer, band leader Willie Villegas, video artist and Gay/arts activist Wolfgang Bush, Veterans for Peace, 34th Chapter, New York City


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